01. Their advertising is somewhat [misleading] because they suggest that they will pay the taxes, but actually, the price is so high that it includes the cost of the tax anyway.
02. The politician [misled] the public into thinking he would reduce taxes if elected, but then once he got in office, actually raised taxes.
03. I was [misled] by my boss into believing that I would get a permanent position once I'd completed the training period, but now he's only offering me a part-time contract.
04. Gloria was [misled] into thinking that if she had sex with her boyfriend, he wouldn't break up with her.
05. The candidate used the survey results in a [misleading] manner in order to bolster his own arguments.
06. Doing animal testing of drugs for humans can be [misleading] because an animal's response to a drug can be different than a human's.
07. Peter, [misled] by the dog's cute face and wagging tail, leaned in close to pet it only to receive a nasty bite on his nose.
08. The UK drug agency says it will name companies that produce [misleading] promotional material in an effort to shame them into better conduct.
09. The salesman deliberately tried to [mislead] us into believing that the used car we were looking at had never been in an accident before.
10. The President has suggested that his predecessor [misled] the country about the size of the deficit.
11. A report studying the Bush administration's public statements on Iraq identified 237 specific [misleading] statements made by Bush and four of his leading officials regarding the threat posed by Iraq.
12. Too many consumers in this country are being victimized by [misleading] advertisers.
13. A Bosnian proverb warns, "Don't be [misled] by the tears of a beggar."
14. Samuel Butler once observed that though analogy is often [misleading], it is the least [misleading] thing we have.
15. The advertisments were so [misleading] that they were downright lies, and the clients sued the company.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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